Honors Academic Mentoring

Dr. Wheeler OrientationStudents at Appalachian have access to many resources to help them plan for their next semester and their future. The Career Development Center is available to help students identify their goals and develop strategies for professional success.

For those students planning careers in the health professions, the Health Professions Advising Office helps direct and prepare students for the many opportunities in that area; the Pre-medical Advising Committee coordinated by this office, in particular, offers guidance on personal statements, application completion, and the all-important interviews. Celeste Crowe is the contact for this office and she can be reached at crowect@appstate.edu.

For students interested in the study of law, the Honors College provides pre-law advising for honors students. The program is intended to promote a student's exploration of the potential career path. Students will be provided guidance on how to successfully apply to law schools and will examine the realities of the legal field. 

For Honors students, there is the additional benefit of personalized, academic mentoring by the faculty and professional advisors of the Honors College staff.  Through regular meetings with their Honors mentor, honors students have the chance to discuss course registration plans with someone who gets to know them and helps them plan a curricular path leading to their professional and personal goals.  For Honors students, advising is not just about completing a degree, but realizing a dream.

Contact Information:

For questions about honors academic mentoring, contact Dr. Mead (meadad@appstate.edu), Honors Advising Coordinator.

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