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"My Honors thesis is a challenge like no other. It's more than just a research project; it's an opportunity to apply everything I have learned as an undergrad at Appalachian State to do independent work of my own. It's a time when I find results and, instead of being told what this means, my advisor asks me, "What do you think this means? What do you expect to find?" It's a time when I set my own schedule, accomplish my own goals, and make myself proud. It has definitely been and will continue to be challenging, but I have the guidance of amazing professors at ASU. And all of the skills this thesis is developing will be incredibly useful for medical school next year: organization, accountability, dedication, and the ability to problem solve and think critically. "
-Margo Pray 2013 Honors Graduate

Undergraduate Author Thesis Title Major Department Thesis Director Date of Thesis
Brittany Barringer Factors That Impact Job Placement for Finance and Banking Undergraduates Finance and Banking Chris McNeil 12/2013
Chase Batchelor Hyporheic Exchange and Nutrient Uptake in a Forested Urban Stream Geology Chuanhui Gu 12/2013
Sarah Clarke How Patterns of Eye Contact Unfold Over Time: An Eye Tracking Study Psychology Chris Dickinson 12/2013
Cassidy Culbreth Is Clicker Training More Effective Than Verbal Cues With Shelter Dogs? Psychology and Sociology Kenneth Steele 12/2013
Carmen Erdie Intercultural Persuasion and Global Politics Communication and Political Science Lynn Gregory 12/2013
Dale Keller Effects of Environmental Enrichment Upon the Amygdalae of Adolescent Rats Cell and Molecular Biology Mark Zrull 12/2013
Cara Lewis Irish Traditional Music: A Lecture-Recital of Representative Forms and Styles Performed on the Irish Flute Music Education and Performance Nancy Schneeloch-Bingham 12/2013
Lisa Moeller The Impact of Foreign Relations on Chinese Consumerism International Business Pia Albinsson and Jennifer Henson 12/2013
Brindley Polk Primary and Secondary Educational Changes During the Third Reich History Rennie Brantz 12/2013
Annmarie Anglim Midwifery in the Mountains: Lisa Goldstein’s Care of Appalachian Women and Their Families in Western North Carolina Appalachian Studies Phoebe Pollitt 05/2013
Elliott Barnett How Self-Editing Can Impact Student Involvement in Adolescent Literature English and Secondary Education Mark Vogel 05/2013
Kerry Bartlett When to Test: Evaluating the Effect of Quiz Placement on Retention Psychology Andrew Smith 05/2013
Lillie Blanton No Child Left Behind? Memphis City Schools Examined For Policy Failure Political Science Mike Potter 05/2013
Carolyn Blough Increasing ASU Student Patronage at Bandana’s Bar-B-Que and Grill: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Marketing Eva Hyatt 05/2013
Brian Bonville The Potential Benefits of Plant Chemicals as Antiviral Drugs Biology Howard Neufeld 05/2013
Lauren Brigman Social Media: A Technological Change That’s Increasing the Level of Engagement of the Television News Viewer Electronic Media Broadcasting Michael Fields 05/2013
Rose Buchanan Stories’ Space in a Native Place: Challenging Stereotypes and Defying Conventions in the National Museum of the American Indian Public History Andrea Burns 05/2013
Grant Canipe Effect of Caloric Restriction on Exercise Behavior and the Brain: Differential Gene Expression in Wheel Running and Sedentary Mice Psychology Amy Knab 05/2013
Shea Comadoll Expression of Human Organic Anion Transporter Isoform 1 in Escherichia coli Chemistry Chemistry Jennifer Cecile 05/2013
Maria Craig The Effect of Language Barriers on the Medical Care of Patients With Limited English Proficiency Global Studies and Spanish Benjamin Souza 05/2013
Samantha Craig Pastiche, Palimpsest, and Plagiarism in Moulin Rouge English and Secondary Education Leon Lewis 05/2013
Michael Cutshall Characteristics of Effective Interventions for Reducing Type-2 Diabetes Risk Factors in Youth: A Systematic Review Cell and Molecular Biology Dana Brackney 05/2013
Aaron Dallman The Music of Play: Using Play-Directed Music Therapy to Develop Fine Motor and Speech Skills in Two Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Music Christine Leist 05/2013
Christina Daly Zebrafish as a Model Organism for Vibrio cholerae Infection Biology Ted Zerucha 05/2013
Daniel DeCarlo Moral Foundations Theory & Political Polarization: An Exploration Into the Link Between Morality and Ideology Psychology and Political Science Todd Hartman and Douglas Warring 05/2013