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Theses can be looked up through the library website by author or title and several are located on the second floor near the call number LD175, unless they are part of a special collection (i.e., Music, Appalachian Studies).

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"My Honors thesis is a challenge like no other. It's more than just a research project; it's an opportunity to apply everything I have learned as an undergrad at Appalachian State to do independent work of my own. It's a time when I find results and, instead of being told what this means, my advisor asks me, "What do you think this means? What do you expect to find?" It's a time when I set my own schedule, accomplish my own goals, and make myself proud. It has definitely been and will continue to be challenging, but I have the guidance of amazing professors at ASU. And all of the skills this thesis is developing will be incredibly useful for medical school next year: organization, accountability, dedication, and the ability to problem solve and think critically. "
-Margo Pray 2013 Honors Graduate

Undergraduate Author Thesis Title Major Department Thesis Director Date of Thesis
Chase Erickson Sour Springs: A Story of Groundwater Contamination in the Blue Ridge Mountains Journalism Carolyn Edy 12/2014
Ryan Lambert The Use of Ca I and Hɣ in Determining Stellar Activity Physics Richard O. Gray 12/2014
Alyssa Tyler Map and Level Design: The Creation of Video Game Maps and Characters Computer Science Dee Parks 12/2014
Caleb Yelton The Adaptive Use of Past Death Experience on Treatment Preferences in End-of-Life Care Psychology Lisa Emery 12/2014
Gordan Buckingham The Spatial Distribution of Large Point Sources of CO2 Emissions Geography and Planning Kathleen Schroeder 08/2014
Daniel Gaspari Magnetic and Morphological Characterization of Coal Ash and Trace Element Concentrations in River Sediments Contaminated by the TVA Kingston Fossil Plant Spill Geology Ellen A. Cowan 08/2014
Taylor Jones Indirect Determination of Enzyme Kinetics Using Capillary Electrophoresis with Chemiluminescence Detection Chemistry Libby G. Puckett 08/2014
Jaclyn Redman Phytoecdysteroid Dose Response of Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis in Mice Health and Exercise Science Kevin A. Zwetsloot 08/2014
David Valder A Post-Sugar Cane Politics: Cultivating Economic Diversity in the “Rurban” Dominican Republic Anthropology Dana Powell 07/2014
Elizabeth Payment Social-Economic Decision-Making and Aging: The Role of Motivation Psychology Lisa Emery 06/2014
Eguono Akpoduado Female Sex Offenders: Effects of Gender and Legal History Criminal Justice Twila Wingrove 05/2014
Lucy Ballard A Contextual Profile of Tariq Ramadan: Islam and Modernity Revisited Religious Studies William M. Hutchins 05/2014
Bradley Beamon The Effects of Music on the Test-Taking Abilities of High School Musicians Music Education Lisa Runner 05/2014
Sydney Beshore Research in Support of Developing a Safe Home for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Survivors: Narrating the Process of Developing and Establishing The Tree House Nonprofit Organization Interdisciplinary Studies Lynn Gregory 05/2014
Meredith Branham What Drives Uncertainty in Large Point Sources? Mathematical Sciences Eric Marland 05/2014
Gretchen Brown Puritan Women and Piety: Examining the Lives of Anne Hutchinson, Anne Bradstreet, and Mary Rowlandson History Sheila Phipps 05/2014
Katherine Burkhalter Cultivating Creativity: Orff-Schulwerk in the 21st Music Education Susan Mills 05/2014
Joshua Carr Utilizing Dance and Creative Arts to Build and Strengthen Community Bonds Psychology Marianne Adams 05/2014
Hannah Collins Contextual Factors and their Impact on Communication in Dementia Communication Sciences and Disorders Louise Keegan 05/2014
Kate Cook Feminism and Empowerment: Female Protagonists in the Works of John Green English Secondary Education Elaine O'Quinn 05/2014
Miranda Cook Comparison Study of Factors Contributing to Obesity: Mexico and the United States in the Areas of Physical Activity and Diet Health Care Management Becki Battista 05/2014
Alexandra Dezii ADHD Stigma in a College Population Psychology Will Canu 05/2014
Rachel Duffus Recognizing the Simultaneous Occurrence of Women's Rights and Elder Abuse in Ghana's Watch Camps to Gain International Aid for Improved Elder Care Global Studies and Spanish Jeanne Dubino 05/2014
Amanda Farr Museums in Modern Society: Implementation of Modern Technologies and Mobile Devices Art Management Jody Servon 05/2014
Shelby Forsyth It's Not About Breaking In - It's About Moving Up: The Glass Ceiling and the Role of Female Creatives in Advertising Communication Thomas Mueller 05/2014