2018 Tech4Teach Fair

The 2018 Tech4Teach Fair is on Friday, February 16th, 12:15 - 6:00 pm, so please add this event to your calendar! (Register Here)  The T4T Fair offers a platform to encourage more faculty and students to do, share, and learn about a wide range of topics touching on teaching and technology. The Tech4Teach Fair is an annual opportunity for instructors and students to:

  • SHARE how they use technology to enhance engagement and learning

  • LEARN how others on campus effectively utilize technology to enhance engagement and learning

  • GROW via connecting and developing purposeful learning relationships with students and instructors on campus

Last year we met capacity and had to close registration early! (Register Here) We will be providing snacks, a broad range of presentations and activities, and conclude with a social opportunity. See our projected schedule for more details.

Additionally, I would ask and encourage you to:

  1. Consider submitting an E-Poster proposal to share your efforts to enhance student engagement & learning. We provide E-Poster proposal ideas & design strategies.  Proposals due by December 18th!

  2. Encourage your students to submit an E-Poster proposal

  3. Please spread the word and recruit your peers/colleagues & students to attend

Feedback from our 2017 T4T Fair:

  • 88% learned about instructional technology by attending and/or presenting

  • 62% will integrate at least one new technology into their course

  • 49% plan to collaborate with at least one colleague as a result of attending the Fair

  • “I thought the event was amazing & exceeded all expectations of what I thought it was going to be about. I learned a lot of different techniques to use in my future classroom. Thanks for putting this on!”

For a more comprehensive review of the 2017 T4T Fair (including survey data) 

For further information, please contact Scott Rice (ricese@appstate.edu or 262 8306) or Tom Van Gilder (vangildertm@appstate.edu or 262-6731).
We look forward to seeing you there!