Integrity & Student Conduct

According to the Appalachian State University's Academic Integrity Policies, "Students will not lie, cheat, or steal to gain academic advantage" and "will oppose every instance of academic dishonesty."

The Honors College takes this code seriously, and takes students at their word that they will abide by this code. A student's violation of this code may result in immediate dismissal from The Honors College.

The Code of Student Conduct

The Appalachian State University Code of Student Conduct provides extensive guidelines on conduct for students attending App State. Students in The Honors College are held to the high standards detailed by this code and are expected to epitomize respectful and responsible conduct. Honors students value diversity, promote pluralism, and cultivate community.

Any violations of this code for which you take responsibility, or for which you are found to be responsible, may be grounds for dismissal from The Honors College. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Director of The Honors College. Appeals from dismissal decisions may be made to an ad hoc three-person grievance subcommittee composed of two members of the Honors College Advisory Board and one member of the Student Advisory Board

Any infractions of the above policy or code that result in the student being suspended from the University and banned from the campus are grounds for immediate dismissal from the Honors College.