Minor in Medical Humanities

The Minor in Medical Humanities is designed for the health care pre-professional who wants to have a richer and broader program of study than just the required major or courses. By pursuing this Minor, students will explore questions in the Humanities and Social Sciences that have a direct bearing on health care today. Courses such as Medical Ethics and Health Law, for example, will take the students into current issues of health care practice through the prism of ethical and legal concerns. Courses like Chinese Medicine and Our Primate Heritage will extend the student's thinking into the history of health care and the growing field of evolutionary medicine. While this Minor and most of these courses are not required for medical school or any other health care graduate program, students will find that the Minor will strengthen their application for those programs both for what it says on their transcript and for what it does to their thinking, writing, and speaking.

This Minor is for those students who want a bit more than the standard preparation for their health care field of choice, and for students who are already in Honors or who want to be able to take some Honors courses even if they are not. The Minor is administered by The Honors College, but application is open to all students in the University with a 3.3 GPA, and all students accepted in the Minor may sign up for any Honors courses in the Minor. For information on course requirements for admissions to neighborhood medical schools, please review the PowerPoint file below.

Information on Medical Schools (PDF, 2MB)