Anthropology Brown Bag Series

FALL 2018


(Second & Fourth of the Month)

Belk Hall 342

12:00 pm


09.12 Views from the Equator: A collaboration between Appalachian State

Anthropology and the Amukishmi Women’s Cooperative in Ecuador

ANT 3940 Ethnographic Field School Students (Anthropology)


09.26 Sharing space in the Anthropocene: How can human and nonhuman

apes continue to coexist in Peninsular Malaysia?

Susan Lappan (Anthropology)


10.10 Applying anthropology: Place-based practices in Appalachia and Wales

William Schumann (Appalachian Studies)


10.24 The aesthetics of courts, prisons, and police

Albert Stabler (Art)


11.14 What the cracks and mold had to say during the monsoon season

Christina Sornito (Anthropology)


11.28 Becoming animal, becoming transnational

Sushmita Chatterjee (Cultural, Gender, and Global Studies)