App Allies - Back by popular demand!

Appalachian Allies (App Allies) is an LGBTQ+ ally development and training program built upon the Safe Zone training model. In the training, we focus on education of LGBTQ identities and experiences, as well as understanding how to support and advocate for those in this community. The training has several activities that are going to be reflective, small group, and sometimes large group discussions. At the end, participants will have the opportunity to commit to supporting and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, and receive a nameplate for them to display in their office/department.

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Tuesday, June 18 - 1-4pm - PSU Rough Ridge (415)Wednesday, July 17 - 9am-12pm - PSU Three Top Mountain (169)Thursday, September 19 - 1-4pm - PSU Calloway Peak (137A)