Appalachian Chorale

Dear singers and friends of singers--

Appalachian Chorale begins next week--please consider joining us and/or passing the news on. Our first rehearsal for Spring 2019 will be Monday, January 14, 7-9 pm in room 214 of the Broyhill Music Center. Rehearsals continue on Monday, January 28 (after a break for MLK Day) and each following Monday that classes are in session, until the concert on Tuesday, April 30.

The concert will feature Donald McCullough's Holocaust Cantata: Songs from the Camps (more info below). There are learning aids that are currently being created at the choralia website; the first movement is already available at If you would like to get a head start on it, a pdf score of that movement is here. This is in the App Chorale shared google folder, which will also have additional helpful materials as we continue:

According to the composer's website: "Based on research of original music sung by incarcerated inmates in Holocaust concentration camps, this 40-minute cantata is an emotional, musical journey through one of the bleakest episodes in human history. Working from translations of original Polish materials found in the archives of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and starting with just a single line of melody, McCullough has fashioned a haunting choral tribute to the 6 million Jews who were systematically persecuted and murdered as well as to the millions of other individuals the Nazi Party classified as "undesirables," including Poles, Romanian gypsies, homosexuals, transsexuals, political opponents, religious dissidents, the mentally ill and the physically disabled. What emerges from the insanity of one of history's worst examples of man's inhumanity to man is a sense of music's life-affirming powers."

The work is in 13 movements that alternate between music and readings. The first movement of the piece can be heard here (other movements are also available):

The Chorale is a choir of 75-100 singers, open to all students, faculty, and members of the High Country community, with no audition required. Any interested singer who can carry his or her part in four-part harmony is encouraged to join. Students may receive credit (MUS 1109).

Keep in mind that new members join after being invited to a rehearsal by someone who was already in the Chorale--have you invited anyone lately?

Last semester we had a chamber ensemble (selected by audition) that met for 30-minute rehearsals Monday evenings after App Chorale rehearsals. I am hoping to have a similar group this term. Please let me know if you're interested.

Thanks to all, and let me know if you have questions!

Linda Larson
Director, Appalachian Chorale
Hayes School of Music
Appalachian State University