Call For Papers: Y Ddraig Goch

Call For Papers

Y Ddraig Goch:  An Interdisciplinary Honors Journal

Submission Deadline is September 11, 2020.

In these essential times of conversation, we all have something to say. As the global climate is
escalating amid racial injustices and an environmental crisis, we are continuously learning and
using this new information to change and shape our previous thoughts and opinions. Race and
the Environment has been a topic of discussion all around the world. Not only is it important to
have conversations, but to continue to listen, read, and learn. It is vital for us all to educate and
learn from one another.

On behalf of the Lloyd International Honors College, we invite you to submit a paper for our
first Special Edition of Y Ddraig Goch: An Interdisciplinary Honors Journal.
The third issue of Y Ddraig Goch will be a Special Edition that will focus on papers related to
the topic of Race and the Environment. The journal aims to provide a platform for
interdisciplinary research at the undergraduate level. With this special edition, your work will
open dialogues and instill the desire to learn through a different lens. We hope that you take this
opportunity to share, as it may inspire and empower others to do the same.
Submission Guidelines

For a submission to be considered:

  • Must be granted permission by a faculty mentor
  • Include your name, department, and email
  • Include a cover page: title; author's name(s) as should appear in publication; name of department/program of study; abstract (300 words max)
  • May include sections for an Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion,
  • References, and Figures/Tables
  • Citations must be in Chicago Style
  • Must include footnotes, a bibliography and an abstract
  • Copyedited and free from typographical or grammatical errors

Questions or submission may be addressed to Destiny Brooks at