A Celebration of American/Irish Poets

Thursday, April 25, 2019
5 - 6 p.m.
137C Plemmons Student Union
Kathryn Kirkpatrick & Adrian Rice"A Celebration of Irish/American Poets"Poetry ReadingThursday, April 25 5:00-6:00pmAttic Window Room - 137CPlemmons Student Union
Open-Eyed, Full-Throated centers on the premise that scholarly work in Irish Studies makes its contributors knowing observers of Irish culture, positioned to perceive complexity and nuance, aware of their distance from the language and society they study, yet often moved to intensities of speech by what they observe and experience and comprehend. The anthology introduces forty-four voices, distinct and distinctive, together forming a chorus of focused intensity. Most of these poets share an Irish heritage, and the matter of Ireland – its landscapes, its myths, its literary riches, its vexed colonial past, its recent sectarian Troubles, its sexual repressions, its economic tribulations, its ecological challenges, its increasing cultural diversity – permeate its pages. In poems of loss, outrage, exhilaration, contemplation, and humor, the writers collected here offer responses to Ireland that intrigue, satisfy, and sustain.