Don't Throw It Away


Don't Throw it Away (DTiA) is a spring tradition created and run by students to reduce the landfill waste produced during the end-of-year move out. Students donate their unwanted items when they move out of dorms and apartments. Once headed for the landfill, these items are stored at Legends during the summer and become a treasure-trove of amazing bargains during the Big Sale. Hundreds of shoppers arrive bright and early on the first Saturday of the fall semester to buy and re-use those-once-unwanted items. Last year, ACT raised and awarded $25,593 of grants for eligible Community Partners to pay for energy efficient improvements. Lower monthly energy bills allow non-profits to channel the savings to clients and services while decreasing energy consumption in our region. 

We need App State students help to collect items from the dorm and bring them to Legends! This year DTiA will run from May 4th-13th with volunteer shifts each day from 12-2 pm or 5-7 pm. Sign ups can be found at