Film Showing: Connection to Country

October 9, at 7:00 pm in IG Greer, "Connection to Country"

FREE Admission and popcorn!
Connection to Country follows a group of Indigenous people from the Pilbara as they battle to preserve Australia's unique cultural heritage from the ravages of a booming mining industry.
Moreover Connection to Country is a one-hour documentary about the unbroken connection to country that is still surviving today as much as it was 70,000 years ago when in the words of the old people 'the world was soft'. The Galharra or skin system that governs culture and heritage is right at the heart of it too.
The story explores how the WA State Government weakened the Aboriginal Heritage Ac (1972) without due process in order to make new mining projects easier to get started.
Ultimately however, the main concern of Connection to Country is to explain the relationship that exists between Indigenous people and their land. People on their country interact with the land today like they have always done continuously and unbroken in time. As the old people always say, ‘we belong to the land, the land don’t belong to us’.


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