FINALS ARE HERE! Attend a Finals Learning Tune-Up!

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What is a Learning Tune-Up?

Learning Tune-Ups are offered throughout the semester and function in a drop-in support format. Meaning, that a student can drop-in at any time during the Learning Tune-Up hours, to accommodate students varying scheduling needs. Students come to a Learning Tune-Up to receive a drop-in 1-on-1 individualized consultation. Learning Tune-Ups provide access to a variety of academic resources and information from units within the Student Learning Center. The individualized nature of Learning Tune-Ups ensures that students can receive as much or as little support as appropriate, based on each student's individual needs. Learning Tune-Ups are intentionally loosely structured, allowing the Learning Tune-Up staff to determine what a students experience may be, based on their reason for attending the Tune-Up. For example, if a student is only specifically looking for study strategies, the staff can provide quick suggestions based on the student's current habits, individual preferences, the courses they are taking and also the severity of the academic need. Additionally, staff are able to connect students with other campus resources if necessary.


What topics, resources, and supports are available at a Learning Tune-Up?

  • Time management

  • Reading

  • Writing (in collaboration with the Writing Center)

  • Organization & Planning

  • Note Taking

  • Study Skills & Strategies

  • Test Taking Skills & Strategies


When and where are Learning Tune-Ups?

  • Finals Tune-Up 1: Wednesday, May 1st

    • Belk Library 421

    • 12pm-4pm

  • Finals Tune-Up 2: Thursday, May 2nd (Reading Day)

    • PSU Linville Gorge 242

    • 9am-3pm

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • “I have a really hard time with organization, could I come to a Tune-Up and have someone help me set up a planning system or assist me in getting organized?”

    • YES! Absolutely. Staff at Learning Tune-Ups frequently assist students in identifying and implementing strategies and tools to assist with organization and time management. Staff will help determine if the strategy you are currently using is right for you or if there is a better method for you to try!

  • “I am a good student and I really like to use flashcards when I study but I’m looking for more study strategies that work for me. Should I come to a Learning Tune-Up?”

    • YES! Staff can help show you how to make your current strategies even more effective! They can also provide you with additional strategies, based on your preferences and needs, to support study skills and take your studying to the next level!

  • “I’m having a hard time with taking notes since I started at Appalachian. Do you know of note-taking methods that might help me?”

    • YES!  There are a plethora of different note-taking strategies and resources that staff can provide you, both on paper or on your computer. Also, staff can demonstrate how to use these strategies so that you will leave the Tune-Up with the skills to implement new strategies in your day to day life.

  • “I have a paper that I’m having trouble starting. Writing is something that I find really challenging, should I stop by a Learning Tune-Up for help?”

    • YES! Writing is tricky for many students on campus! We use resources directly from the Writing Center to provide specific and intensive writing support during a Learning Tune-Up. We can help you make an appointment with the University Writing Center or escort you to their office! Additionally, staff can help provide, resources, tips, tricks, and strategies that can assist in various phases of the writing process.

  • “I haven’t been getting the grades I want in my classes. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and I want to learn how to be a more effective student and get the most out of my time at Appalachian. What should I do?”

    • Come to a Tune-Up! Staff will help analyze your current academic skills and habits and help you determine what academic areas need improvement to help make you more successful. Additionally, staff will help connect you with other resources on campus to provide you additional ongoing support if necessary!