Free Educational Series on Our Energy Future

Pulling Back the Curtain: Who’s Charting Our Energy Future?

A six-part webinar series

Select Tuesdays this Fall at noon or 5:30 pm (choose your time)

Utility companies benefit from NC Utilities Commission (NCUC) proceedings dominated by complex and arcane policy arguments that can feel inaccessible to many energy advocates. The goal of this course, taught by energy policy analyst and advocate Nancy LaPlaca, is to explain in plain language how the current regulatory system works, and how advocates and nonprofits can get involved to move this system in a better direction.

Participants will learn:

  • What the NCUC is, and why it’s important;

  • How we can create a system that’s more just, and that puts people over profits;

  • Why our current policies are incentivizing utilities to hang onto fossil fuels, and what we can do to change that;

  • And much more. 

By understanding how the NCUC works, we can positively affect policy outcomes and accelerate North Carolina’s transition to a clean energy economy. Thanks to CleanAire NC and Sierra Club for sponsoring this series.

Sign up today at and get the tools you need to become a more effective clean energy advocate.

Session titles (more detail here)

Utilities in the US: The Big Picture
TUESDAY, September 21  

The Regulatory Process in NC
TUESDAY, October 12  

Why Has Energy Justice Taken So Long?
TUESDAY, October 26


Communities on the Frontline
TUESDAY, November 9  

Power Generation: Cost vs Benefit
TUESDAY, November 23

Building a Clean Energy Future
TUESDAY, December 14



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