The Honors College Abroad

On Wednesday, November 15th, from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in PSU Room Linn Cove, Alexandra Hellenbrand will be moderating a set of presentations on "The Honors College Abroad" as part of App State's Global Symposium. 

This is a panel discussion with faculty and students in the Honors College.  With its international requirement for students in the University Honors program, the Honors College at Appalachian has been a campus and curricular leader in supporting interdisciplinary faculty-led programs abroad.  Over the past almost 10 years, Honors programs have taken students to Cuba, Austria, France/Italy, Ireland, and England.  This panel aims to showcase these programs as part of the Global Symposium: they are creatively interdisciplinary for both students and faculty in common learning endeavors that take unique shape abroad.

The panel will consist of short presentations by faculty leaders and students.  Joe Gonzalez (IDS/Global Studies) and Emily Daughtridge (Theater/Dance) will discuss ways in which Honors provided a good fit for a program in Cuba that they had previously offered departmentally.  Students in from Honors program on Culture and the Arts in Vienna, first offered in 2008, will present their most recent integrative projects and discuss the impact of the program on their studies; student participants may include Veda Stocton, Caleb McMahon, Emma Lassiter, or Hunter Cox.  Faculty from all of these programs will reflect how short term study abroad programs influenced their teaching and research; this will include Jim Toub (Art) and Victor Mansure (Music) in addition to Gonzalez and Daughtridge. Student reflections and portfolios have had tremendous impact on faculty pedagogies and approaches to thematic material. These programs also inspire new directions in research. Alexandra Hellenbrand (German/Global Studies) has developed new avenues of research focused on medievalism, tourism and public history based on her work abroad with students in both Austria and England. 

In sum, the panel seeks to demonstrate how Honors programs abroad have supported students and faculty in teaching and learning and research beyond the opportunities available in traditional programs or departments.