Honors Summer Institute on Holocaust Remembrance

At Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands, we offer several Honours programs for our Dutch and international students. One of these programs is centered around Memorial Center Camp Westerbork, a former deportation camp from World War II with a museum about this important part of history. Students work together with the Memorial Center to help keeping the memory of World War II alive and to engage people in thinking about the problems of today’s societies.

One of our programs is a Summer Institute in cooperation with Memorial Center Camp Westerbork. In this full time summer program of about 16 days, students from the US and Dutch students work together in a project about the position of bystanders both in WW II and today. During the Summer Institute we also visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, former concentration camp Bergen Belsen  and the Jewish Museum and Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Of course there is also room for “lighter” excursions and events during this Summer Institute. An important part of the Institute is for students from different countries and backgrounds to work together and exchange their views.

Last year, participants were all very enthusiastic about the Summer Institute.

We are organizing this special Summer Institute again this year and would like to invite (some of) your students to take part in this special event. On our website you will find more details about the content of the Summer Institute, the dates and the fees etc.  There you can also read some testimonials from US students that participated last year. We would highly appreciate it if you could bring this opportunity to the attention of your honors students. Deadline for applying is April 16th.

Look for more information at our website: https://www.hanze.nl/nld/onderwijs/talentontwikkeling/hanze-honours-college/honors-summer-institute-on-holocaust-remembrance

Of course we are happy to answer any questions you may have on the Summer Institute. You can email me as coordinator of the Summer Institute. 

Kind regards,

Henmar Moesker

Ms. Henmar Moesker Msc. | Hanze Honours College | Zernikeplein 11, Groningen, the Netherlands| room H.0.82 *h.m.moesker@pl.hanze.nl |MOEH| tel. +31 50 595 2146