Introducing the new Honors College Anti-racism Library

In the Honors College Library on the top floor of Appalachian Hall, located on the center bookshelf, Honors students can now borrow and read books about American social movements, marginalized communities, and identities that have been historically excluded from mass media representation. These books are selections provided by the Honors College as a tool for Honors students to pursue further education. The Honors College Anti-Racism library is a student-driven project developed and organized by Honors College Vanguard members: Sophie Cole, Hannah Joyner, Brendan Meckler,  Abbey Putnam, Morgan Ray, and former Honors College student Mackenzie Fizet.  These students worked together to review anti-racism book lists and recommendations, and then they worked with Dean Vahlbusch to order books from our local Foggy Pine Bookstore.

Want to make a book recommendation or donate to the Honors College Anti-racism Library? Student organizers are still working to develop a process for contributions and submission reviews.  In the meantime, you can email the Honors College to make recomendations or donations.