Languages, Literatures & Cultures: Symposium 2019 - Call for Proposals

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is pleased to announce its first Symposium to be held in Belk 421 on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.  
We welcome proposals and presentations from Faculty and Graduate Students who wish to share their research and teaching experience. The submission deadline is February 19, 2019.


All topics are welcome in the domains of the Humanities and pedagogy as long as they include an international component. The symposium will be divided in two sections. The day will start with a group of panels dedicated to pedagogy. We invite colleagues to share teaching experiences and solutions. Proposal formats include but are not limited to teaching workshops, creative writing, and short praxis-oriented demonstrations. (15 to 30 minutes per project)


The second part of the symposium is devoted to the presentation of academic papers in the humanities. (15-20 minutes).


Submissions should include:


-One 200-word abstract


-Category of submission: pedagogy OR humanities.


Please submit abstracts to:


All submissions will be reviewed by the members of our Events Committee. Messages of acceptance will be sent by February 26, 2019.