Learn How to Efficiently Complete a Paper, Thesis, Dissertation, or Manuscript with Styles in Microsoft Word

Do you produce multi-page documents with sections and subheadings? Do you find yourself spending more time working on the formatting than on the content?

Understanding the way styles and document themes work can give you better control over the way your documents look and open doors to features you may not be aware of.

In this part one of two workshop series, learn how to complete a paper, thesis, dissertation, or manuscript more efficiently with styles in Microsoft Word.

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Manuscripts I: Saving Time with Styles in Word
Styles is a feature used in many word processing and publication applications (like Adobe InDesign). Microsoft Word is a styles-based word processor that provides powerful document formatting at the click of the mouse. Participants will develop a better understanding of applying, creating, and modifying styles in Word.

Demonstrations include creating a Table of Contents in 7 seconds (Really!).

Facilitator: Mark Suggs, Center for Academic Excellence
Date/Time: Friday, November 10th; 10:00am-12:30pm
Location: Belk Library and Information Commons, Computer Lab 327

Note: This workshop is not an introduction to using Word. We will focus on using, modifying, and creating styles in Word for Windows and Mac.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Crystal Weisner of The Center for Academic Excellence at weisnercm@appstate.edu or ext. 3040.