Market Opportunity This Summer!

BAD Composting Co-op is a new food scrap pick-up and composting service founded by SD and App alums. This summer, BAD will be operating a booth at the King Street Tuesday Market and is offering a new service: the Home Growers Collective. If you are gardening or farming this summer and would like to try out selling in the market setting with no extra cost to you, you are welcome to join the Collective!

How it will work: gardeners and farmers will drop off their produce to the booth before the market starts. BAD board members will operate the booth for the duration of the market and keep track of sales. BAD will keep 25 % of the sales from Collective members to: (1) cover costs of the booth rental, (2) pay the booth-workers, (3) pay for your membership in BAD, and (4) support BAD! The other 75% is your profit. Gardeners can recollect unsold produce at the end of the market or it can be donated on their behalf to local food security initiatives (FARM Full Circle, Food Not Bombs, Hosp House, Hunger & Health, etc.).

BAD will also provide free seeds and can offer garden bed set-up, compost, and beginning advice/consultation for a small fee or included in membership fee ($15 / month), so that you can get growing and help BAD in our mission to increase food sovereignty and soil health in our community! 

If you have any questions about the Home Growers Collective or other BAD Composting operations, please feel free to reach out by emailing me or Ballard Reynolds (founder) at . 

Thank you all and happy gardening!



Sydney Blume
Forest Wild Facilitator
B.A.D. Composting Co-op
Appalachian Climate Action Collaborative
Adjunct Instructor, Appalachian State Sustainable Development