Meals With Honors: Improvisation with Tom McLaughlin

NEXT Wednesday, January 23rd, noon to 1:00 p.m. in Summit Hall’s Fireside Lounge, revered Honors professor Dr. Tom McLaughlin will lead a talk about improvisation as a miraculous and necessary human skill.  Pizza will be served, and participation is limited to 20 students. PLEASE RSVP:  see information and sign-up link below.

Riding the Waves: Improvisation in Everyday Life.

Dr. Tom McLaughlin

Fireside Lounge in Summit Hall
January 23, 2018 12pm-1pm

When we think about improvisation, we usually think about jazz musicians,
improv comics, freestyle rappers, or actors creating in the moment. What they
do seems miraculous – they have no script, they have to create and perform at
the same time, with no second take, and still produce a beautiful performance.
But improvisation is not just a mode of performance, it's a way of life, for each of
us. We each improvise all day long: when we play sports and games, when we
drive, when we surf the internet, deal with a crying child, meet someone new. In
all these and so many other routine, everyday actions, there is also no script. We
all have to decide and act in the same moment, react to unforeseen events,
adapt and create. If you think about yourself and everyone you encounter as
engaging in a massive, elaborate, ongoing, interactive improvisation, then everyday life no longer seems routine and mechanical. It's miraculous too -- energetic,
unpredictable and emerging, and we are making it emerge. Improvisation is not
just for genius artists, it's for all of us.

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