Mental Wellbeing Resources for Students

According to 2016 Healthy Minds Data, over 70% of students reported that emotional or mental difficulties hurt their academic performance 1 or more days in the past month.  Wellness and Prevention Services has multiple resources to optimize student mental wellbeing.

*Please note, these resources, unless otherwise noted, are for undergraduate and graduate students only.*

  • Koru Mindfulness Classes: Koru Mindfulness is a 4-week course where students learn mindfulness and meditation skills. Through learning how to be more mindful, students may feel less stressed, get better sleep and experience less self-judgment. Students can register by clicking here and searching for 'Koru Mindfulness'. Flyers: pdf png
  • Online Suicide Prevention Training: Over half of students say they would turn to a friend if they were experiencing serious emotional distress. Make sure your students know how to #bethere for each other, and if you haven't gone through the training, make sure you know how to help your students, too! Training only takes 30 minutes and you will learn how to recognize when someone needs help, how to talk to someone in emotional distress and resources available to students. Click here to access the training. Flyers: pdf png
  • WE COACH: WE COACH is a peer to peer wellness coaching service. Members of WE COACH work with individual students to help them develop specific, achievable and time sensitive goals and realistic action steps. WE COACH members are especially excited to help students with self-care strategies, relationship trouble, adjusting to App State and making friends, but are available to help students reach any goals they might have. Appointments typically last 30 minutes. Students can click here to request an appointment. Flyers: pdf png
  • Wellness Challenge: Starting August 27, students will be challenged with tasks to help them grow stronger in mind and body. Registration for the challenge is now open! The challenge ends December 5th, so students will be exposed to new resources and activities to keep them healthy all semester long. Flyers: pdf png
  • Stress Management Checklist: Students often feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Share this checklist with them to give them ideas for how to keep their stress levels at a more manageable level. Flyer: pdf png
  • Wellness Educator Presentations: If you will be out for a class or would like to dedicate one (or more) of your classes to a workshop facilitated by our peer educators, we have a few that would be perfect for a focus on mental wellbeing. All presentations are 50-60 minutes long. Click here to request them. 
    • Mindful Mountaineers: Provides information about the importance of mental well-being. Students participate in a number of activities that help them to identify reasons why stress occurs and stress management techniques, not limited to sleeping habits and self-care.
    • Repost:Rethink Trivia: Provides information and skills about assessing the impact of social media posts, specifically as it relates to suicide prevention and mental health. This is a trivia game that helps students understand suicide contagion and apply safe messaging techniques to social media posts.
    • Take 10: Provides education regarding meditation techniques, mindfulness skills and Koru Mindfulness classes. Students practice meditation and engage in group discussion to help them understand how meditation can be used as a stress management tool. 
    • Wellness Jeopardy: Provides an overview of the services provided by Wellness and Prevention Services, along with additional campus partners. Students compete in a jeopardy-style game. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Coordinator for Student Mental Wellness, Elisabeth Cavallaro,