Opportunity to join the HR Science Team!

I hope you are doing well. My name is Mackenzie Law and I am a Recruiter for the HR Science Team. I am currently looking for new candidates to join our team and would really appreciate it if you could share this information with your students. Here are some of the ways HR Science can benefit students: 

Benefits of joining HR Science 

Real HR experience

Internship opportunities 

Research credit (after first semester of volunteer) 

Professional development 

I highly encourage students who are interested in data analytics and the branches of HR to apply. We are a very inclusive and diverse team with the highest ambition to achieve great things in the field of I/O Psychology. For more information on the HR Science Team, please visit our website to see all the cool things we do in greater detail! 

I have attached a video trailer to introduce our team and give you an idea of the environment we work in. Additionally, I have attached the application here for students to apply! 

I have also attached a flyer for the Sustainability Project within HR Science. This project is more oriented towards students interested in sustainability and sustainable development. This project team is looking to gather passionate students that want an opportunity to expand their skill set outside of class and work on projects that have a positive impact on people and the planet. 

If there are any questions or concerns, my email is Lawmg@appstate.edu

Thank you again,


Mackenzie Law

Appalachian State University '23 

BS Psychology Concentration Business-Sustainable Business Minor 

Hr Science Application