Racial Trauma Healing Space

Hello everyone,

Through the Department of Wellness and Prevention Services, we will be facilitating a space dedicated to the needs of Black students on our campus during this time of country-wide race-based unrest and distress. The hope is that the students who choose to engage will also have some collaboration on what they are needing from the space. 

The purpose of the group is for Black-identified students to have a space to connect and process how they are being impacted. The space will also serve as a way to engage in conversation and information on caring for and refueling ourselves.

Race-based stress and trauma are real for Black folks and other Folks of color. We can experience this first-hand (e.g. constant microaggressions, etc) or second-hand (e.g. witnessing the death of Black folks in the media, etc). The impact of this trauma can show up physiologically, emotionally, and/or psychologically. Having a community space can be beneficial not only for the community but also for validation in a world that often dismisses how you are impacted. 

If you know of students who may be interested in this space feel free to pass the information along to them. We will start the group this Thursday, 6/11/2020 at 6 pm and will meet weekly into July. The group could be expanded into the 2020-2021 academic year if folks are interested. Students can register here:  https://bit.ly/376gsHc  (the link has to be typed as it is with the correct lower and upper case)."

This space will not serve as direct counseling. If there are questions please contact: Kiauhna Haynes at haynesk@appstate.edu


The Wellness and Prevention Services Team