The Smith Gallery is hiring for the position of Gallery Assistant for the academic year of 2018-2019.

To apply please submit:
> a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and work-related experience
> resume
> a completed Gallery Assistant Availability Form (pg 2 of this document)

To Jennie Carlisle at

Deadline for review of applications: Friday Sep. 21,2018

Interviews: Wed Sep 26- Fri Sep 28

Final Decisions made by: Mon Oct 1st

Preference will be given to those available to work nights and weekends as gallery guards during Schaefer
Performance events and to those available to assist with exhibition installation.

Gallery Assistants report to the Director of the Smith Gallery. They may also work closely with other
staff that will include a Gallery Preparator and Schaefer Center Box Office Manager, Box Office, and
Housekeeping staff. Gallery assistants will assist the Director and Preparator, and other staff members,
with a variety of duties and tasks related to exhibitions, programs, projects, and special events as needed.
This position will be responsible for and will be expected to gain skills in the following: art handling (2-D
and 3-D works of art), installation of indoor and outdoor works of art, art cleaning, exhibition design and
maintenance, basic carpentry work, administrative duties, filing, framing, record management and
collections management. Other responsibilities include working as gallery security at gallery receptions and
special events in Schaefer Center under the direction of Program Assistant, Box Office Manager, and
Gallery Director.

Hours are scheduled on an as needed basis.
Applicants must be able to work at least 2 nights a week after 5 pm.
Pay begins at $7.25 per hour, with opportunity for annual increase.

This person must be able to work well with others and be able to stay on task whether working
independently or as part of a team. He/she must be reliable, highly organized, self-motivated,
detail-oriented, and a good problem solver. He/she must also possess strong computer skills. Basic
knowledge of the Mac platform is required with a general knowledge of Excel, Word, Powerpoint and
Photoshop among other Mac applications. Familiarity with digital cameras is a plus, but not required.
He/she must demonstrate a professional attitude and continually maintain a clean and neat workspace with
respect for all artwork, tools, equipment and materials at all times.

Only applications from Appalachian State University Students will be reviewed.
Gallery Assistant Availability
Fall 2018
Phone number:
Please list the hours you are available between 8 AM – 11 PM for the following days:
I know in advance that I will be unavailable to work on these times/dates during fall 2018 semester:
Please resave the document with your last name and return along with your cover letter and
resume to Jennie Carlisle,