Summer 2020 Quick Access Virtual Workshops from the Counseling Center

Summer quick access workshops.jpg

The Counseling Center is continuing to offer our Quick Access Virtual Workshops in Summer 2020! 

The Quick Access Virtual Workshops are designed to give students simple skills to manage common concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, diminished self-esteem, and more. Join us on Tuesdays at 3pm via Zoom for a rotation of the workshops: Anxiety Toolbox, HEALS (Healthy Emotions and Life Skills), and Kind Mind. Students should log in to the Counseling Center's AppSync events page to find the Zoom links. Recorded versions of the workshops can also be found on our YouTube and Instagram (@appstatecounselingcenter) pages. We encourage faculty to offer extra credit to students who attend these mental health-affirming workshops, and can provide confirmation of attendance via email!

Please visit the Counseling Center's website to find more information about the Quick Access Virtual Workshops and our other services, including teletherapy, emergency services, referral assistance, additional online workshops, and self-help materials.