Summer Course Offering: "Physics of Food & Cooking"

Please note:While it is a 3000-level physics course, it is open to all students. The academic rigor of this course will be on the depth that we will explore this topic of physics and food, including recent research done on many of these topics. Therefore, the reading and critical thinking will be more rigorous than the math (nothing more than algebra). Hopefully there will also be a hand-on component in the form of culinary labs to test various methods. Topics to be covered include:

* Food
* Cooking materials (skillet materials - cast iron? copper? ...)
* Stove options (gas, electric, induction?)
* Kitchen and home environment (Refrigeration, building science to improve ventilation,...)
* Community (local food, recycling of single use plastic, energy of Resturant kitchens....)
* Nation (energy of our industrialized food system, transportation of food)
* World (food systems' impact on climate change as well as understanding cooking traditions and fuels used around the world)
* We may even end with a fun look at the physics of growing food on other planets (Mars? - could be fun!)