Swipe Right on Yourself: Focusing on the Core Relationship in Your Life


Often in our lives, we can be driven to find and get the next thing that will fix ALL THE THINGS- a romantic relationship, an academic project, a vacation, or a material object. Unfortunately, we also don't have a lot of control over these things, so it can feel like a fleeting unicorn. This workshop will provide space, time, and focus to explore the most important and fundamental relationship in your life: your relationship with yourself. Participants will learn more about their personalities, their needs, and begin to identify ways to increase their level of self-care.

Tuesday February 26, 12-1 PM, Rough Ridge room (415, Plemmons Student Union)

Extra credit slips will be made available! 
For more information, contact the Counseling Center at 262-3180 or counseling@appstate.edu