Three short films: Conservation in the High Country

March 19 - "Looking back and forward thinking : Conservation in the High Country"
Three short films focusing on issues in Boone and the surrounding area

IG Greer Theater
7:00 pm

- A 2-minute experimental film by Tom Hansell commentary on trash from the New River.

- A 16-minute film of found 16mm footage of the High Country from the Watauga Digital's George Flowers collection. In the film George Flowers edits together footage to make a environmental statement of the High Country from the 1970s.

- A 12-minute short film by Beth Davison - Saving the Virginia Big-Eared Bats about a multi-agency effort to save an endangered species of bats. A planned highway widening project and an old mystery sets the stage for this short film about discovery and survival.

Please share with students and colleagues. Attendance will be taken if you wish to give extra credit.