Today is the deadline to submit to the Peel!

Today is the initial deadline to submit to the Peel, Appalachian's literary and art magazine (meaning the last day to submit and receive editorial feedback). See below: The Peel Initial Deadline has finally arrived! The Peel is Appalachian State's Literature and Arts magazine, run by students, for students. We only publish student work and everyone who is a part of The Peel is a student. We have 4 categories of work that we publish, consisting of visual, poetry, prose and sound (sound being anything you can listen to). We are a nationally recognized magazine and have won several awards from the College Media Association and many other organizations. This could be a great line on your resume and it has no cost for entry! WE JUST WANT TO MAKE YOU FAMOUS Just use this link to submit: Also follow us on Facebook ( Instagram(@thepeelreview) to stay in the loop about all of our amazing opportunities!