Upcoming CDO Strategic Diversity Plan Listening Charrettes

Invitation to Strategic Diversity Plan Charrette Feedback and Listening Sessions


You are invited to attend and share your insights at our upcoming Strategic Diversity Plan Charrette Feedback & Listening Sessions, during which moderators will facilitate discussions about the goals of the Comprehensive Strategic Diversity Plan. Since Spring 2018, the CDO Advisory Board has engaged in efforts to complete a university wide diversity plan — a fluid, living document that will guide us as we continue to navigate our way forward toward greater diversity and inclusion. We are at an important juncture as we prepare to implement our diversity plan, and although the plan has been vetted by focus groups across campus, we want and need to hear feedback from the broader campus community — our faculty, staff and students. Your feedback is critical to ensuring this plan equitably represents the needs of our entire university.

Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 4–5 p.m. — register for the staff session 
Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 5–6 p.m. — register for the student session 
Thursday, Feb. 18 at 5–6 p.m. — register for the faculty session