Upcoming Fulbright Workshops

Does a fully-funded award to study, teach, or research in one of over 140 countries interest you? To learn more, attend an upcoming Fulbright Workshops, hosted by Joanie Andruss and the Nationally Competitive Scholarships Initiative!

These workshops are geared towards students in their junior and senior year, but it never hurts to start thinking about this possibility early. You can learn more about specific programs and application requirements on the Fulbright Student website.

Fulbright Information Session on April 16th, 12:00pm at 122 Roan Mountain, Plemmons.
Please register at: https://calendly.com/andruss/fulbright to ensure you have a space reserved.

Attend this session to learn about the Fulbright Student Award Program. Learn about the different tracks, countries, program goals, application components, and application timeline. Prepare to leave inspired to pursue

Fulbright Writing Workshop on April 25th, 2:00pm at 122 Roan Mountain, Union
Please register at: https://calendly.com/andruss/fww to ensure you have a space reserved.

Attend this session to learn techniques for creating compelling essays and learn more specific details about the application process. It is highly recommended that you have a general understanding of the Fulbright award and potential ideas of what you might like to do or where you might like to travel.