Wellness Challenge


Join the Wellness Challenge to grow stronger in mind and body all semester long.
Visit https://orgsync.com/174349/forms/327559 to register for the challenge. Once you have completed registration, you will be emailed a password. Use this password to join the Wellness Challenge portal [https://orgsync.com/174349/chapter] and officially begin the challenge.
Once registered, each week you will receive an email with 4-5 challenges for you to complete. You do not have to complete all 5 challenges each week to participate in the Wellness Challenge. Challenges include but are not limited to:
Attend group fitness classes 
Register for an intramural sport 
Take a walk on the Greenway 
Check out a meeting at a student organization that you aren't already a part of 
Eat a snack mindfully 
Attend the Part Time Job Fair