Write for Burnaway!

Honors College students interested in the arts and culture of the American South should consider writing for Burnaway, a digital magazine of art and art criticism.

Susan Mackey, a 2013 Appalachian graduate in art history and gender studies, is now the Carolinas editor of Burnaway. Mackey completed her master’s in contemporary art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019. Her thesis, Dreams of the South, “mobilized critical race theory and contemporary photography in order to (re)interpret the plantation photographs of Clarence John Laughlin.”

According to Mackey, “Burnaway is a great platform for emerging writers because we're open to a lot of different writing styles and have an inclusive idea of what counts as ‘art.’” Some examples of essays from the journal include:

Here's more information about writing for Burnaway. If you are interested in learning more or pitching an essay, email Susan Mackey at carolinas@burnaway.org.