Wrongful Conviction: Scott Hornoff’s Story

Event Title:  "Wrongful Conviction: Scott Hornoff’s Story”
Speaker: Jeffrey Scott Hornoff 
Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 
Time:  7pm-9pm
Where: Parkway Ballroom (Plemmons Student Union) 

The Department of Government and Justice Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences are pleased to invite everyone at ASU and the Boone community to attend a presentation by Scott Hornoff on wrongful conviction.  His story is unique in that he was a police officer in Warwick, Rhode Island at the time he became a suspect in a murder.  He was indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison.  Scott spent 6.5 years wrongly imprisoned before the one responsible for the murder came forward and confessed.   His story highlights the reality that most Americans are blind to: that wrongful conviction happens and that exoneration does not result in the automatic and seamless re-assimilation of the individual to their pre-incarceration status.  Instead, a new set of challenges and legal hurdles are presented and can be as overwhelming and as imprisoning as the incarceration experience. 

Come share the evening with us and learn more about Scott Hornoff’s exoneration story.