Current App State Student


Internal Honors College Applications

Are you a current App State student with 45 or fewer earned and in-progress hours? Is your current GPA, or anticipated first-semester GPA, 3.5 or higher? Have you realized that you would like to be part of an interdisciplinary community of highly-motivated, high-achieving students learning, growing, and exploring together? If so, we encourage you to apply to the University Honors program as an internal candidate.

If you have any questions about your potential place in the Honors College or the application process, please schedule a meeting with Interim Dean Vicky Klima to discuss. She is always delighted to talk about Honors!

When the internal application opens (see details below) you’ll be asked to

  • log in to our application system, verify your personal information which is auto-filled from your App State profile, and answer a few short questions such as “what is your anticipated App State graduation semester?” and “what are your intended major(s) and minor(s)?”  
  • provide a short description of your involvement on campus (campus activities, student organizations, etc.)
  • outline or discuss briefly how you plan to fit the University Honors requirements into your remaining semesters at App State.
  • respond to the following essay prompt (max 500 words):  How will participation in the Honors College help you grow intellectually, personally, and professionally? How, in turn, will you contribute to the Honors College community?  And, how might researching and creating a culminating Honors thesis change you?
  • grant permission for the committee to review your academic records

Application and Deadlines

Click here to apply for internal admission to the Honors College (opens October 15) 

 Spring admission

Applications are due

Decisions are sent by

December 15

January 1

Fall admission

Applications are due

Decisions are sent by

May 15

June 1

We encourage students who have more than 45 earned plus in-progress hours to consider pursuing Honors at Appalachian through one of our many departmental or academic college Honors programs. Most students who have joined the Honors College with more than 45 hours have encountered difficulties in completing all Honors College requirements, including 24 credits of Honors courses or experiences, our international education requirement, and the Honors College thesis. To explore possible exceptions, please reach out via email to Interim Dean Vicky Klima.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Academic standing and potential
  • The applicant’s understanding of, motivation for, and commitment to achieving an Honors College education at App State (including Honors coursework, an international experience, and an Honors thesis), as demonstrated especially in the application essay.
  • The applicant’s commitment to contributing to Honors College culture and community through participation and leadership.
  • The feasibility of completion.