How to Get Involved

The Honors College encourages faculty from all majors, departments, programs, colleges, and schools to consider ways of becoming involved with the students in The Honors College, whether the students are currently in a related discipline or not. Offering unusual courses either at the introductory or upper division level can lead to exciting new paths of scholarship both for the faculty member and the students. Mentoring an Honors Thesis can lead to publishable findings or fundable projects, while also promoting the intellectual maturation of your junior colleagues. Just getting connected with this dynamic and intellectually ambitious group of students will stimulate ideas and directions that remind you of graduate school and the ferment of discovery.

If you are interested but are not sure how to start, just contact the Director and have a conversation about ways in which courses you teach or research you pursue could fit into The Honors College curriculum. Opportunities exist for everything from research courses to those involving travel abroad or service learning locally. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.