The Honors College empowers students to develop independent and creative thinking and high-level research skills; promotes interdisciplinary inquiry; and nurtures thoughtful and caring exchanges of ideas. We seek to equip our students and ourselves to lead positive change in the world. Appalachian’s Honors College is an inclusive, mutually supportive community of highly motivated students from all majors, engaged faculty from across campus, and staff dedicated to supporting students in their intellectual, personal, and professional development. Engaging in the Honors College community prepares students for graduate study, professional school, meaningful employment, leadership roles, community engagement, and career success.

Weekly Message

December 6, 2023

Dear Honors students,

Happy reading day! I hope you take time today to read (i.e. study) but also time to relax; both activities are important to prepare for the upcoming week of final exams. Think back through the past 15 weeks. You’ve done so much and come so far; celebrate your accomplishments. Today’s memo spotlights the Honors College Club Expo, a new welcome-week activity completely driven by our amazing student leadership team. Working with them and with the full Honors community has made my first semester as interim dean a truly fulfilling one. Don’t forget to offer each other this same great support in the busy week ahead. A small break for a walk or a dinner with friends will not only pick you up in the moment, but also help improve your ability to focus on your studies afterward. Keep up your exceptional work and support of your community for this last week of the semester. I’m sending you my best wishes for a wonderful winter break, one that is restful and full of joy.

Thank you for all that you do for each other!

Click here for the full version of the latest Honors Wednesday Memo.

Meet the Interim Dean


I am excited to step into what inaugural dean Jeff Vahlbusch rightly describes as “the best job on this campus” and am committed to maintaining our college’s pledge to “do honors differently.” This difference is rooted in the college’s dedication to the whole student, beginning with a radically holistic admissions process and continuing with unconditional academic, personal, and professional support. The Honors College nurtures community through collaborative classrooms, integrated advising and mentoring, and an embrace of experiential learning. As interim dean I will be a part of this community, learning from and growing with our amazing students. App State’s Honors College and departmental Honors Programs across campus connect great students to great opportunities and I am eager to work with the college’s dedicated faculty, staff, and student leaders to strengthen these connections.

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