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Weekly Message

November 15, 2023

Dear Honors students,

Viktoriia Kovtun joined the Honors College as our Business Officer in July. She brings her great skill and her equally great compassion to our office each day. In her story, Viktoriia reminds us that compassion is often born from the type of knowledge you gain by engaging beyond yourself. She explains, “our world is beautiful but at the same time we are living during harsh times. It is almost the year 2024 but we are still witnessing genocidal wars, we see millions of kids dying from malnutrition, abuse and neglect; we still have pandemics, uncured diseases, and the climate crisis. We still see countries where girls are given to men without their consent, countries where women cannot vote, study, or be who they are — they are not even considered equal human beings. We are still witnessing racism and discrimination. I am from Ukraine, where people are giving their lives right now for freedom. Freedom is the most essential part of human lives that makes it impossible to live without. Many people don’t have freedom, while in so many places it is taken for granted. I can go on and on, but you all know this without me. There is only one way to make our planet a better place – to have more educated people. Knowledge gives you compassion, knowledge develops your empathy, knowledge gives you the ability to question everything and to search for the truth, knowledge gives you the ability to see what is broken, but most importantly, knowledge gives you an ability to make good changes and accept them. Regardless of anything — I still believe in humanity. I believe that our cooperation, mutual respect, support and kindness will help us to go through the dark times and we will build a world where everyone will feel like home.”  Please read Victoria's full story. I predict that, like me, you will find her words inspiring. 

Best wishes,

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Meet the Interim Dean


I am excited to step into what inaugural dean Jeff Vahlbusch rightly describes as “the best job on this campus” and am committed to maintaining our college’s pledge to “do honors differently.” This difference is rooted in the college’s dedication to the whole student, beginning with a radically holistic admissions process and continuing with unconditional academic, personal, and professional support. The Honors College nurtures community through collaborative classrooms, integrated advising and mentoring, and an embrace of experiential learning. As interim dean I will be a part of this community, learning from and growing with our amazing students. App State’s Honors College and departmental Honors Programs across campus connect great students to great opportunities and I am eager to work with the college’s dedicated faculty, staff, and student leaders to strengthen these connections.

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