App State’s Honors College is a small college within our larger university located at the center of campus. Our community supports approximately 550 students from all majors. The hallmarks of App State’s Honors College include:

  • Small, discussion-based, interdisciplinary courses;
  • Personalized and holistic mentoring and advising;
  • The Honors College residential learning community;
  • Study abroad or other international education opportunities;
  • A closely mentored research or creative project (Honors thesis).

Our Mission

In the Honors college at Appalachian State University students, faculty, and staff from across campus explore, discover, create, innovate, learn and grow together. We support students’ individual holistic development and engagement beyond themselves, across disciplinary boundaries, and in collaboration with others.

Our Values and Vision

The Appalachian State Honors college values and embraces difference. We make it our shared responsibility to build a community and a world where everyone feels safe, heard, welcomed, and supported. We empower students to collaborate across differences, lead with humility, and collectively and creatively address complex challenges.

Weekly Message

February 28, 2024

Dear Honors students,

Tomorrow marks the rare occurrence of Leap Day! Embrace this additional day in our calendar as a chance to seize a new opportunity or simply relish in an extra day of personal reflection and rejuvenation. That time for yourself is even more important as we find ourselves immersed in the intensity of midterms. Remember that while academic success is important, it depends on your well-being. Midterms can feel like a sprint through an academic marathon. As you navigate exams, papers, and projects, pace yourself, take breaks, and breathe. Take time to acknowledge the hard work you've put in and trust in your abilities to navigate through challenges. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate the small victories, and if things don't go as planned, remember that setbacks are temporary. Take care of yourself, reach out for support when needed, and remember that you have the whole Honors community to lean on. You've got this!

Wishing you resilience, focus, and moments of tranquility,

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Meet the Interim Dean


Welcome to our Honors College webpages. Please explore to learn more about how our college nurtures community through collaborative classrooms, integrated advising and mentoring, and an embrace of experiential learning. In the Honors community, students, faculty, and staff learn from and grow with each other. App State’s Honors College and departmental Honors Programs across campus connect great students to great opportunities. You can learn about many of those connections here and, when you are ready, I invite you to get to know us better by chatting with our current students during an on-campus Honors College tour or scheduling a conversation with me