Message from Dean Vahlbusch

2018honorsfreshmoreorienation_3.jpgNew Honors Students meet Charles Dickens.  During the eight App State Summer Orientation sessions this past June, we were (and are) thrilled to welcome into the Honors College 122 extraordinary new Honors students from nearly every corner of North Carolina and many other states.

In thinking together with our new students about the whys and hows of Honors education, I found myself turning again and again to a passage from a letter written by Dickens to his friend and fellow novelist Wilkie Collins on 6 September 1858. I first read these lines 42 years ago as a sophomore in a course on Dickens at the University of Michigan, and I have kept them close ever since:

"Everything that happens [...] shows beyond mistake that you can't shut out the world; that you are in it, to be of it; that you get in a false position the moment you try to sever yourself from it; and that you must mingle with it, and make the best of it, and make the best of yourself into the bargain."

In the Honors College and at Appalachian, we work to make the best of ourselves and of the world. And if we're paying attention, we just might discover someday what Dickens knew:  that these two welcome and all-important tasks are really, truly, one.

We look forward to the return of our new and our veteran Honors College students mid-August, and to being about our work in the world.



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