Weekly Message from Dean Vahlbusch

jeff_tiniest_2.jpgDear Honors College students,

I know I speak for all Honors College faculty and staff when I say:  our best wishes go with you as you finish this academic year and begin what we hope will be a relaxing and productive, slow and scintillating summer!

To our amazing 77 Honors College graduates this academic year, we send our profound congratulations. To our more than 400 Honors students returning to the Honors College this fall:  we look forward to working together ever more successfully. Let’s build and nurture a world-class Honors College and Honors community.

Thanks to each of you—and thanks to all Honors College staff, faculty, and friends—for making this year at Appalachian and in the Honors College, my first, even better than I hoped it might be.

I have one Honors-y request for summer: please check your AppState email often!  We’ll be sending you Honors Monthly Memos this summer, full of Honors opportunities and information that you will want to know. Don't miss a chance!

Yours always,


Click here for the full Wednesday Memo for May 9, 2018.




Upcoming Events

Welcome to the Honors College Announcement Center! Check back here frequently for updates on Honors College events, programs, and information. Current Honors College announcements are also posted live on the front office TV screen, so come by and see us! Visit the Upcoming Events Page for an archive of announcements from this current semester.

The Honors College at ASU!

The Honors College at Appalachian offers an enhanced intellectual experience for the most academically motivated students on campus, one that fosters independent and creative thinking, global engagement, and personal integrity. The Honors curriculum includes topically focused, interdisciplinary, and discussion-based seminars. It extends to a required international experience, and culminates in an Honors thesis as original research or a creative endeavor. Students in the Honors College are supported and challenged by a community of like-minded learners. From the Honors experience, students emerge as lifelong learners well prepared for post-graduate training—leaders of the future.