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Dear students, faculty, friends,

This past May 6th, despite 15 months of upheavals caused by COVID-19, more than 50 Honors College students graduated with University Honors from Appalachian and prepared to take the next big step on their exciting journeys.

Our students are heading to graduate and professional schools at:

  • Vanderbilt University (Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering)
  • The Ohio State University (MS, Animal Science)
  • Appalachian State University (MBA, Business; Masters, Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Spanish; Psychology)
  • North Carolina State University (MS, Animal Science; Ph.D., Physics)
  • Medical University of South Carolina (MS, Health Care Administration)
  • Eastern Washington University (Ph.D., Botany)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D., Cancer Biology)
  • University of Maryland College Park (MS, Speech-Language Pathology)
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (MS, Health Care Administration; Law School; Dental School)
  • University of Alabama Birmingham (Optometry)
  • University of Michigan (MS, Social Work)
  • Many others

Our students are moving directly into jobs in e-commerce merchandising, politics or public policy, Christian youth ministry, theater (acting), education, marketing, teaching, non-profit advocacy for migrant farmworkers, publishing and editing, technology consulting, and data analysis, among others. 

Our students are planning to work in their fields for a year to gain experience and/or recover financially before applying:  to PA school; law school; veterinary, dental, and medical schools; MA and Ph.D. programs in English; an MBA program.

Our students are taking gap years to plan their next step, traveling in Europe and Asia studying building design before applying to master’s programs in Architecture, and planning to through-hike the Appalachian trail, and soon.

Congratulations to all!



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