Messages from the Dean

Dear Honors students, friends, colleagues,

I never thought I would find comfort in the mundane phrase "business as usual," but comfort there surely is:  students, faculty, and staff at Appalachian, in and outside the Honors College, have been working hard, and are now digging in and working even harder, to bring this trying and challenging semester to a successful end while striving to keep themselves, each other, and their families healthy and safe.

The Oxford English Dictionary notes that "business as usual" is a phrase "used to indicate [that] things will proceed normally despite difficulties or disturbances."

Not much is proceeding normally these days, but so many of our fellow Mountaineers are working to keep things as normal as possible. As we move toward the Thanksgiving holiday, this is another good reason for gratitude.



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COVID-19 update:

Visit the App State COVID-19 Information website for the latest official updates from the university.

In response to COVID-19, we in the Honors College are practicing both physical distancing and social solidarity and responsibility.  We are very much open for all Honors College business, but Honors College staff, student employees, and faculty are also currently working in only limited ways in Appalachian Hall. Students, prospective students, parents, visitors:  if you would like to connect with us, please email or call 828-262-2083 and leave a message. To connect with Dean Jeff Vahlbusch, please email him at or leave a message at 828-262-7573. We will respond as soon as possible.

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The Honors College at ASU!

The Honors College at Appalachian offers an enhanced intellectual experience for the most academically motivated students on campus, one that fosters independent and creative thinking, global engagement, and personal integrity. The Honors curriculum includes topically focused, interdisciplinary, and discussion-based seminars. It extends to a required international experience, and culminates in an Honors thesis as original research or a creative endeavor. Students in the Honors College are supported and challenged by a community of like-minded learners. From the Honors experience, students emerge as lifelong learners well prepared for post-graduate training—leaders of the future.