Teaching an Honors College seminar is a great opportunity for Appalachian faculty: to dare, to test out ideas and approaches, to explore innovative topics and problems, or delve into a research area with a group of terrific students from all majors across the university.

Honors College seminars are interdisciplinary, special topics courses designed for Honors College students. They are typically seminar-style and discussion-based, prefer depth to breadth, engage in skill-building at high levels, and are often conducted using innovative or experimental pedagogies. You can see some recent examples here.

Honors College seminars are offered at the first-year, sophomore, and junior levels (HON 1515, HON 2515, HON 3515). They are intended to be accessible to students from any major.

The Honors College especially welcomes Honors seminar proposals involving:

  • engagement with significant texts

  • critical approaches to significant problems

  • active or experiential learning

  • problem-based or community-based learning

  • civic engagement and/or leadership

  • cross-cultural learning

  • research, scholarship, or creative activity

Interested? Please email Jeff Vahlbusch, Dean of the Honors College, at vahlbuschjb@appstate.edu.

For current listing and descriptions of Honors courses, click here.