Fall 2023 Transfer Student

The Honors College welcomes applications from students transferring to App State.  


  • Students not currently enrolled at App State wishing to transfer into the Honors College from other colleges/universities must be accepted to App State before they may apply to the Honors College.
  • Please note:  Students not currently enrolled at App State who are members in good academic and personal standing of academic Honors programs and Honors colleges at other accredited colleges and universities may count on admission to the Honors College at App State. All students will need to apply.

To apply to the Honors College for Fall 2023 semester admission, all transfer students first must fill out this form indicating their intention to apply and select one of the following dates/times to attend one of four Virtual Applicant Orientation sessions with Dr. Angela Mead:

  • Monday, April 10 at 11 am - noon
  • Tuesday, April 11 at 3:30 -4:30 pm
  • Wednesday, April 12 at 1 - 2 pm

All Virtual Applicant Orientations will be held via Zoom and the link will be provided the day in advance of the meeting via email.

  • After completing a Zoom applicant orientation session with Dr. Angela Mead, current App State students will be sent a copy of the Google Document application form, and encouraged to apply. Completed applications must include:

(1) the following applicant information:

  • last name,
  • first name,
  • middle name,
  • preferred name,
  • preferred pronouns,
  • AppState Email address,
  • permanent address,
  • phone number,
  • intended graduation semester, and
  • intended major(s)

(2) essay (prompt will be provided on the application),

(3) an informal university transcript, and

(4) the following information for two university faculty instructors willing to write you a short recommendation by May 20, 2023:

  • full name,
  • title(s) (Professor, Dr., Director, etc.)
  • academic institution,
  • academic department, and
  • email address


  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 is required for admission to the Honors College.
  • Transfer students may apply to join the Honors College if they will have completed 45 or fewer semester hours prior to joining the Honors College. We encourage students who will have more than 45 semester hours by Fall 2023 to consider pursuing Honors at App State through one of our many departmental or academic college Honors programs. Most students who have joined the Honors College with more than 45 hours have encountered difficulties in completing all Honors College requirements, including 24 credits of Honors courses or experiences, our Honors College international education requirement, and the Honors College thesis. To explore possible exceptions, please reach out via email to Dean Jeff Vahlbusch.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Academic standing and potential, as shown by: (a) cumulative GPA, and (b) two university faculty instructors who can speak to the student's academic performance.
  • The applicant’s understanding of, motivation for, and commitment to achieving an Honors College education at App State (including Honors coursework, an international experience, and an Honors College Thesis), as demonstrated especially in the application essay.
  • The applicant’s commitment to contributing to the Honors College culture and community through participation and leadership.
  • The feasibility of completion Honors College requirements.

Key Dates and Deadlines:

Virtual Applicant Orientations for Fall 2023 admissions. Fill out this form and select one of these dates/times:

  • Monday, April 10 at 11 am - noon
  • Tuesday, April 11 at 3:30 -4:30 pm
  • Wednesday, April 12 at 1 - 2 pm

Letters of recommendations (request sent by the Honors College) will be due by May 20, 2023

Application Deadline:

  • Fall 2023 admissions:  May 1, 2023

Unfortunately, applications cannot typically be accepted after the deadline for any given semester.

We will make final admissions decisions for Fall 2023 by July 1, 2023.


Special Information for Students from Community Colleges

For more information or with questions about transfer applications to the Honors College, contact: honors@appstate.edu