Student workers Kennedy Williams and Stephany Henao Garcia serve as the front-face of the Honors College

By Lakin Stevens, Editor of the Honors Wednesday Memo

May 5, 2021

Behind the scenes of the Honors College, there are faculty, staff, and student workers, each of whom contribute to the overall success of the Honors College. In light of student worker appreciation week in April, we showcase here our two student workers. Kennedy Williams and Stephany Garcia Henao have both worked in the Honors College since Fall 2019. Even though COVID-19 has changed how they work, they have consistently and reliably served as the front face of the Honors College. Over the past academic year they have worked out of the front office in Appalachian Hall. In their duties, Garcia Henao and Williams field public communication, including emails and phone calls, as well as talk to prospective students and parents. They also assist with specific projects, often working with Dean Vahlbusch or Office Manager Jessica Yandow.

Garcia Henao explained what she enjoys most about her position,

“I like talking to students. I am a very extroverted person and enjoy sharing my experience as an Honors student and listening to families and prospective students share theirs as well.”

Williams enjoys the connections made through her position. She reflects,

“My favorite part about working in the Honors College would be the connections that I’ve made with some of the students and faculty and learning about their passions outside of an academic setting.”

Kennedy Williams is a junior exercise science major with a minor in chemistry. She started working for the Honors College being hired for the position through Handshake. Williams explained how her major and minor “fit into my work because it requires efficient communication and working with individuals from different backgrounds than my own.” Through her work with the Honors College, Williams has been able develop professionally within an academic and workplace setting.

Stephany Garcia Henao is an Honors junior industrial design major and sustainable technology minor. Through participating in an Honors faculty-led summer study-abroad program to Vienna, Austria in 2019, Garcia Henao created meaningful connections with other Honors students. One of which was a graduating senior who had been working as a student worker for the Honors College and recommended she apply. While Garcia Henao’s major is related more to engineering than communications, she has still been able to connect the experiences. She described, “Things that I implement from what I am currently learning is technology assistance and public speaking.”

Both Williams and Garcia Henao are looking forward to returning to their positions in Fall 2021, and Garcia Henao will continue work throughout the summer. Their work is essential to the successful operation of the Honors College. We commend their adaptability throughout the pandemic as their positions shifted from in person to online and back again. Please remember to thank Kennedy Williams and Stephany Garcia Henao for all their hard work and dedication to the Honors College.


Pictured above are Kennedy Williams (left) and Stephany Garcia Henao (right). Photos submitted.

Published: May 5, 2021 10:16am