The vanguard is a group of Honors students selected for their outstanding scholarship and service to the Honors College. These students contribute to the Honors College by providing services such as meeting with prospective students, introducing the Honors College at public events, and helping host Program socials. The vanguard members are invited to serve by the Dean and are valued members of the Honors College  community.

Congratulations to the Fall 2023 Honors Vanguard!

Honors Vanguard Current Members

Abigail Mastrovito

Addisyn Keen

Adekemi Adekanle

Alex Hayes

Amanda Bruckstein

Amanda Halbert

Andrew Foley

Anika Rao

Anna Woolly

Ashley Berry

Bonnie Brockway

Breanna Gibson

Brendan Meckler

Caleb Brown

Caleb Divelbiss

Cris Bryant

Daliana Estevez

Ella Mayfield

Emerson Philips

Emiley Nance

Emily Bjerregaard

Emma Estudillo

Enzo Ramos

Gaea Polanik

Hannah Joyner

Hayley Richardson

Isabella Saliba

James Auwn

Jing Russell

Jordan Kelley

Jordan Randall

JP Neri

Juliana Maurer

Kasey Clift

Katherine Buchanan

Katie Rhoades

Kennedi Ratcliffe

Kimberly Acosta-Flores

Kistler Hunt

Leah Boone

Les Meares

Lila Rhodes

Lindsey Thomas

Louise Starnes

Maggie Vaughn