Dr. Peaches Hash published research of Honors teaching

Dr. Peaches Hash, has just published “Visual Journaling as a Method for Critical Thinking in Writing Courses” in the journal Double Helix, Vol 9 (2021). The publication features the coursework of two anonymous Honors students, “Avery” and “Margot.” Dr. Hash wrote that in their visual journaling, these students “illustrate hooks’s (2010) engaged pedagogy and demonstrate critical thinking as discernment in decision-making.” Dr. Hash is a lecturer in the Department of English who regularly teaches Honors sections of RC 2001: Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum as well as RC 1000 Expository Writing with arts-based pedagogiesIn her sections of these General Education departmental Honors courses, students compose with various art materials, and the writing involves self-exploration and constructed knowledge.

Published: Mar 22, 2022 8:57am