February 28, 2018

Honors Wednesday Memo

Opportunities and Information for Honors Students

edited by Brad Rentz

Volume 1, Issue 20

February 28, 2018


Message from Dean Jeff Vahlbusch


Dear Honors College students,

Take a break from studying for your final midterm(s) or from packing to leave for your well-deserved Spring Break!  Drop in for Cookies with Jeff anytime on Thursday afternoon this week from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Stay 10 minutes or 3 hours, and please purloin cookies when you leave.

“Cookies with Jeff” is simple:  it’s 500+ cookies and the chance to:

  • Teach me about you
  • Tell me how the Honors College can support you better
  • Talk about Honors education
  • Build our Honors community
  • Brainstorm new ideas with Honors friends
  • Learn about current plans for Honors change
  • Chat, blast, gab, prate, slam, patter, broach, yak, chide, carp, criticize, praise!




Upcoming Opportunities: 

Dr. Vahlbusch will be delighted to assist with applications!

Girls on the Run Internships

Girls on the Run in the High Country is sponsoring summer internships for male or female ASU students. The internships take place from the end of May through July. Applications are due by March 16! To learn more, please visit: https://honors.appstate.edu/summer-2018-internships-girls-run.   

Project Scientist Hiring Summer Fellows

Do you want to work seven weeks this summer educating, coaching, and advocating for girls with an aptitude, talent, and passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)? Appalachian Students can now apply for this opportunity to work in a classroom setting alongside credential teachers this Summer! Apply today by visiting:https://honors.appstate.edu/project-scientist-hiring-summer-fellows

Apply to become a Mental Health Ambassador

If you are interested in promoting mental health on campus you can apply to be a Mental Health Ambassador where you will raise mental health awareness on campus. Applications are due on March 2.  To learn more, please visit: https://honors.appstate.edu/apply-become-mental-health-ambassador

Nominations for Student Leadership and Legacy Awards

The Division of Student Affairs is seeking university-wide nominations to recognize individuals for several awards.  The deadline for nominations is March 13.  To learn more about nominations, please visit: https://honors.appstate.edu/nominations-open-student-leadership-and-legacy-awards-through-march-13th

Scholarships for Studying Abroad Deadline Extended

OIED Study Abroad Scholarships are now open.  Scholarships range from $500 to $2,000.  The deadline for applications is now March 15.  For more information, please visit:https://honors.appstate.edu/study-abroad-scholarships.


Stay in the Know… 

Leadership 101 Series

Servant Leadership is the 10th of 14 Leadership 101 workshops. This session is tonight from 5-6:00 pm in the Tater Hill room of the Student Union. For more information, please visit:https://honors.appstate.edu/leadership-101—servant-leadership

Lindy Hop with the Appalachian Swing Dance Club

You are invited to join the Swing Dance Club tonight from 4-5:00 pm in the Whitewater Café room of the Student Union for snacks, music, and trivia.  The beginners dance lesson starts at 4:10 pm and no experience is necessary.  Please visit: https://honors.appstate.edu/lindy-hop-appalachian-swing-club for more information.

Around the World in 90 Minutes

On March 1, from 5-7 pm in the Price Lake room of the Student Union, you can enjoy photos, clothing, art, music and more from returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have served around the globe. To learn more about this event, please visit: https://honors.appstate.edu/peacecorp-around-world-90-minutes

Singing for Speech and Hearing

The National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association will be hosting the fourth annual “Singing for Speech” an A Capella fundraiser on Monday, March 12th from 6-8:00 pm in the Parkway Ballroom of the Student Union.  Admission is $3 and all proceeds will be donated to the Appalachian Speech and Hearing Clinic. For more information, please visit: https://honors.appstate.edu/singing-speech-hearing.

Group Therapy Sessions

Need to talk to a group about something that has been bothering you? Need some stress relief? Please visit group therapy sessions! Consultations are Monday – Friday 8:30-11 and 1-4 p.m.  Please visit: https://honors.appstate.edu/group-therapy-one-many-paths-healing for more information.


In the Honors Spotlight

New Publications from Faculty Teaching in Honors


Two scholarly books have just been published by Appalachian State faculty who are teaching in the Honors College this semester! Congratulations to Dr. Dana Powell Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology, and Dr. Sara Rich, Lecturer in the Department of Art, on their recent publications. To learn more about their publications, please visit:https://honors.appstate.edu/news/new-publications-faculty-teaching-honors.


Honors Student Athletes Honored


Congratulations to our Honors student athletes! They manage hectic lives, heavy responsibility, maintain high GPAs, and take additional Honors requirements. Here is the list of current Honors students with their athletic positions and majors:

  • Megan Campany, athletic manager, exercise science major
  • Amber Daniel, women's track and field and cross country, exercise science major
  • Emily Fedders, women's track and field and cross country, quantitative geoscience major
  • Kelly Flanders, women's soccer and business major
  • Kayla Hall, women's track and field and cross country, communication, public relations major
  • Lainey Hunnicutt, women's track & field and cross country, exercise science major
  • Abbigail Khan, women's track and field and cross country, cellular molecular biology major
  • Allison Staley, athletic manager, general mathematics major
  • Samantha Steyl, women's soccer, education studies
  • Ethan Triplett, athletic trainer, athletic training major
  • Emily Yontz, cheerleader, mathematics, secondary education major

To learn more information about the Honors Student Athletes, please visit: https://honors.appstate.edu/news/honors-student-athletes-honored.


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