Submit Your Thesis for Departmental Honors

The Honors College and the University Library are no longer collecting hard copies of theses. Students pursuing departmental honors may have their theses included in the NC Docks Digital Archive.


Departmental honors students:

If departmental honors students wish for their theses to be included in NC Docks, they should provide their departmental honors director with:

(1)   A digital copy of their thesis. Students should be certain that the copy of the thesis they submit is the final, complete copy, with all errors corrected, including the title page and abstract, combined into a single PDF file.

(2)   A completed hard copy of the release form. Note that this requires signatures of all members of the thesis committee.

Students must also complete the index form, available here. Theses will not be included in NC Docks if this form has not been completed.

Departmental honors directors:

The departmental honors director should upload all theses to the shared Google Drive entitled "Honors Council – Departmental Theses." Please make a subfolder for your program. Release forms can be sent via campus mail to Jessica Yandow in the Honors College. 

Note:  theses will archived in NC Docks as received. The Honors College does not proofread or otherwise check the files for errors. Incomplete submissions (including incomplete index and release forms) will not be included in NC Docks.

If students or committee members wish to request bound copies for their own use, please click here for instructions.