Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to the following individuals for their generous donations and support!

Mrs. Pamela Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Ashley
Ms. Amelia Blanton
Mr. Don Bradley
Dr. Michael Behrent
Ms. Helen Burley
Mr. David Cox
Mr. Frank Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Doyle
Mr. Kevin Eakes and Mr. John Hyatt
Ms. Alison Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. John Froeb
Mr. and Mrs. James Glenn
Mrs. Jane Glenn
Mr. Ian Gordon
Mrs. Jerry Heltzer
Mr. Ronald Hoth
Mr. Alan Hughes
Mr. Richard B. Johnson
Mr. Craig Jonkers
Ms. Stephanie Burns Kanner
Mrs. Cynthia Koons
Ms. Susannah Lawrence
Ms. Judith M. Liersch
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Mitsch
Ms. Elizabeth Munson
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parshley
Ms. Deborah Petermann
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Poe
Ms. Maureen O’Connor
Ms. Fara Palumbo
Mr. Gerald Petkau
Mr. John Posek
Mr. Nathan Prather
Mr. John T. Roos
Dr. Peter Silinski
Ms. Janet Smith
Mr. Keith Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ternes
Dr. Johnny Waters
Ms. Barbara and Mr. Ricky Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Wilson
Dr. Mark Zrull