Dr. Angela Mead, she/her/hers

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  • Ed.D., Appalachian State University (Educational Leadership)
  • M.A., Appalachian State University (Higher Education Administration)
  • B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Communication Studies, Interpersonal and Organizational)

Angela Mead joined the Honors College in 2005, and currently serves as the Directory of Advising and Student Services.  She directs all advising, student services, and related activities within college. She advises students interested in communications, the College of Health Sciences (who are not pre-health professions) and undecided students. She’s also a member of the Honors College faculty and teaches courses focused on social justice and education, most recently on using Harry Potter as a bridge text to explore social justice.  She is excited to work with students and particularly enjoys the personal relationships that she builds with students through advising and mentoring. 

Dr. Mead's research interests include first-generation college students, honors students and academic advising, and especially on how the three areas intersect. She is also interested in social justice and the role of education in advancing equality and opportunity for those who have been historically marginalized, particularly those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.


  • Mead, A.D. (2019)  Advising honors first-generation and low-income students.  Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council: Forum on Honors Advising.  In preparation.
  • Mead, A.D. (2018)  Socioeconomic equity in honors education: Increasing numbers of first-generation and low-income students.  Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council: Forum on Honors and Social Justice, 19(1), 25-32.
  • Mead, A.D., Reiger, S.* & Jones, L.S.  (2015) Honors students’ perceptions on the value and importance of honors housing.  In L. Frost, L. W. Kay & R. Poe (Eds.), Housing Honors (pp. 163-181).  National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series. 
Title: Director of Advising and Student Services, Honors Academic Mentor (College of Education, College of Health Sciences, Communication, Undecided)
Department: Honors College

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