Chancellor’s Scholars Miniconference on Ireland

On November 29 in the Three Top Mountain room of the Student Union, the Chancellor’s Scholars held a miniconference to present on several topics from their exciting trip abroad. Dr. Mary Valante, the faculty member who lead the study abroad trip, had this to say about the impact of the conference on the Chancellor’s Scholars:

“Each scholar has their own hopes and dreams for the future, and all are inspiring.  In the miniconference, they got to practice public speaking in front of an interested and supportive audience, a useful skill in many circumstances.  It was also a chance to show off their work for other chancellor's scholars, as well as representatives from Honors College and administration.”

The presentations were broken into two groups, “Roots of Modern Ireland” and “Contemporary Concerns.”

For “Roots of Modern Ireland,” Kate Keane presented on Brehon Law, Rebecca Brown on Dairy Production, Abe Krell on Urban Design, Cielo Gomez on Trad Music and Liv Hill on Reviving Irish.

For “Contemporary Concerns” Gabrianne Ivey presented on the Potato Blight, Miranda Lowery on Stained Glass, Eloisa Sanchez on Guiness Ads, Osonia Rojas Clavel on Transition Years and Judith Espitia on Immigration Tools.

Dr. Valante said that she encouraged the Chancellor Scholars to “follow their own interests, whether related to what they are studying or to their own personal interests” when deciding on a topic to research.”

Top photo pictures Chancellor’s Scholar Kate Keane presenting on Brehon Law. Photo by Brad Rentz

Published: Dec 11, 2018 6:15pm