The Honors College welcomes new assistant editor to the Honors Wednesday Memo

The Honors College is excited to welcome Stacy Thornton to the Honors College staff as the assistant editor of the Honors Wednesday Memo. Thornton has served in this position since October 2022, primarily working with Kistler Hunt, current editor of the Honors Wednesday Memo, and Dr. Garrett McDowell, Honors College academic mentor and communications liaison. Thornton is a sophomore studying communication sciences and disorders, with minors in American Sign Language and public health. In addition, Thornton is a Beaver Scholar within the Beaver College of Health Sciences.

Thornton described how she understands Honors education and how the Honors College benefits her,

“The Honors College is all about taking the leap and trying something new. You can take something that is seemingly ordinary and make it extraordinary, all with your mindset. The Honors College encourages individual development, but also professional growth…From preparing a Curriculum Vitae with Dr. Scott Collier in HON 1515: Introduction to Research to breaking the barriers of ‘traditional research methods’ with Dr. Peaches Hash in HON 2515: Arts-Based Research, you quickly realize that Honors prepares you for a community beyond Appalachian.”

In her role as assistant editor, Thornton’s primary responsibilities are to draft, edit, and proofread stories written for the Honors College. She takes ownership of her writing and assists with other writing completed by Honors College staff. She describes, “This role is about all forms of communication!”

Thornton was initially drawn to this position because it offers her new opportunities to branch out in her involvement within the University. She explains that she wanted to “increase and diversify [her] campus involvement.” She was also interested in the communicative aspects of the position, and wanted to enhance her skillset through the position.

Throughout her time in this role, Thornton has learned the importance of teamwork, stating, “This position has solidified the meaning behind the phrase, ‘it takes a village.’ Writing, editing, brainstorming, and ultimately creating content requires a team of individuals.” Thornton is also excited to “gain more professional experience and establish more relationships with the Honors College.” She goes on to say that the Honors College is “a fantastic networking opportunity.”

After her time at Appalachian, Thornton hopes to become a medical speech language pathologist. She hopes that her work as assistant editor will help her increase her communication skills and interprofessional communication so that she can be a “well-rounded clinician.” The Honors College is excited to have her on board, and we look forward to seeing all she creates!

Top photo features Assistant Honors Wednesday Memo Editor, Stacy Thornton. Photo submitted.

Published: Nov 16, 2022 10:58am