Honors Dr. Brandy Bryson Directs Inclusive Excellence Team

Honors Faculty member Dr. Brandy Bryson, associate professor in the Reich College of Education’s Department of Leadership and Educational Studies, is serving as director of Appalachian State University's Inclusive Excellence Team. This is a new professional development initiative for faculty intended to make classrooms more welcoming and strengthn the culture of diversity and inclusion across campus.

For the full story about Appalachian's new Inclusive Excellence Team by Linda Coutant in AppalachianToday, click here

For the Honors College, Dr. Bryson has taught Honors seminars like HON 3515: Critical Perspectives of Racism and Whiteness. She also regularly serves on Honors thesis committees. Recently she mentored Chancellor's Scholar Allison Collins (May '17) in her Honors thesis, The Influence of Teachers’ Racial Schema on Educational Outcomes for Students of Color: A Critical Analysis of Racial Inequalities in American Schools, and Wilson's Scholar Sarah Aldridge (Dec '17) in her Honors thesis, The City That (Didn’t) Make It Work: An Analysis of State-Sponsored Resegregation in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools . 


Published: Aug 29, 2018 9:02am